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FlashBack Connect lets users easily share screen recordings from FlashBack.

Invite friends or colleagues to view your work, see who looks at it, track their progress.
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To use FlashBack Connect, you need FlashBack Pro or Standard edition.

How it works

Share from FlashBack

Get a link to the movie, choose whether it can be seen by everyone, just you, or a select few.

View on

Your audience watches and comments on the movie at or embedded in your own site. Log in to manage your movies.

It's Showtime

FlashBack Connect makes sure your audience sees your movies just as you intended.


All the interactive features in your FlashBack movies work just the same on FlashBack Connect.


No need to worry about what tech your audience is using. We've got it covered, the player even adjusts to screen size.


Remove FlashBack branding and add your own. Change fonts and colours as you like.

Share with others

Our place of yours

Embed movies on your own page or share links to


Get accounts with 'team leader' users to share and manage movies across your organization.


Group movies into playlists and courses and share these with friends and colleagues.

Track progress

Invite your audience to a movie and see who views your recording. You'll be able to control access to movies and playlists, see who's watched what, track their progress and see who's finished watching it all.

FlashBack Connect makes it easy, and displays the most useful information in a neat dashboard.
FlashBack Connect is available for free for FlashBack Pro and Standard owners.